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Can you give me a quick tour?
Can you give me a quick tour?
Written by Manna Justin
Updated over a week ago

Of course! When you first access the app after completing the signup process, you'll see the home screen with a list of audios. This is the list of audios of the people that you are following and also audios that Tonto thinks can be interesting for you.

Just press on one of these audios and the playlist will start playing.

What else you can find on the Tonto app? From the left to the right, these are the options on the navigation menu:

  • Home: list of audios that you can listen to, like, share, or discard if you don't want to listen to them.

  • Search: you can search hashtags or users.

  • Add: this option in the menu is different, it is more prominent. This is because it is the button to add your audios.

  • Notifications: on this screen, you will be notified when someone likes your audios, starts following you, etc.

  • Profile: you can see your profile with your audios, your followers, and who is following you. Also, you can access the Settings of the app.

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